Exploring Brussels

BJAB has an extensive school trips programme that aims to provide its students with educational experiences outside of the classroom.

Day Trips

Being located in Etterbeek, minutes away from the centre of Brussels, the school takes advantage of the city's cultural points of interest which are integrated into the curriculum. Day trips are an essential component of the school's programme, and each year group participates in a minimum of two each term, aligned with the curriculum. These trips provide a well-rounded and dynamic educational experience for all pupils. Trips are importantly linked to the school’s ethos, which values hands-on education to address real-time issues.

Trips and excursions at BJAB.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor education is a crucial component of our well-rounded education. Our forest trips take place at least once every term and provide an opportunity for pupils to learn about the natural world and develop important skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership. During these trips, pupils participate in a range of activities linked to their in-class learning. Our forest trips allow students to connect with nature and develop a sense of responsibility towards the world around them.

Trips and excursions at BJAB.

Residential Trips

BJAB's overnight residential trips for pupils Year 3 and up allow pupils to travel and build strong relationships with their classmates while fostering self-confidence, developing independence and allowing for a broad range of experiences. The school aims to expand the residential trips each year, including international week-long journeys and subject-specific trips, such as literary-themed visits or sports tours. These trips are designed to provide practical learning opportunities while broadening the students' perspectives of the world they live in.

Trips and excursions at BJAB.

Nearby Facilities

In addition to these trips, BJAB students have access to nearby facilities for sports such as swimming, golf, and tennis. We make regular use of the outdoor facilities in Cinquantenaire Park. Regular inter-school fixtures are also organized, allowing students to compete against other students from around Belgium. The school believes that these opportunities outside of the classroom are essential for enriching the minds and worldviews of its students.