Ethos and Aims

Our mission is to deliver a broad and balanced education, which enables the individual child to develop to his or her maximum potential, in a dynamic and caring environment.

Our approach engages the pupils in all aspects of education and requires responsibility and involvement. Within a caring and structured environment, children are taught the curriculum by a vibrant and creative teaching staff and are encouraged to mature and grow to love life and learning.

A Small School With Big Possibilities

Achieving Our Aims

Senior school student participating in sports at BJAB.

Our Excellent Teaching Staff

At BJAB, we take great pride in the excellence of our teaching staff, who are consistently recognized for their exceptional dedication and expertise. Rated 'Excellent' by the Independent Schools Inspectorate, teachers at BJAB are experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about their work. Our class teachers are UK-trained, highly qualified and have a wealth of experience in their respective fields, which they are eager to share with their students. As fluent Anglophones, they provide instruction in a language that is familiar to our students, creating a comfortable learning environment that facilitates effective communication and fosters understanding.

Fostering Partnerships Between Students, Teachers, and Parents

At BJAB, we believe that education is a partnership between students, teachers, and parents. Our teaching staff is dedicated to working closely with parents to ensure that students receive the best possible support, both in the classroom and beyond.

By fostering strong partnerships between teachers, students, and parents, we create a culture of learning that inspires curiosity, creativity, and academic excellence.

A Community of Learning

Prep school student in class at BJAB.

Friends of BJAB

Parents add to the strong sense of community and participate in an atmosphere of high standards of behaviour, wellbeing and academic achievement.

The Friends of BJAB, our Parent Association, enforces such a bond in our increasingly international community. The Friends of BJAB is a lively and informative way of being part of the BJAB family.

Parent Partnership and Connected Learning

We are proud to host frequent ‘Parent Partnership’ briefing events from the Headteacher and members of staff on matters of curriculum development and ways in which parents can assist in their child’s learning. In the Early Years and Pre-Prep School, our ‘connected learning’ apps allow parents to celebrate their child’s achievements at school through photos and videos. Regular parent-teacher meetings allow open dialogue about each child’s school life.